Watch and record audio commentaries
on YouTube videos



Watching Speeks

All your favourite videos with
new funny twists

Switch commentator with
a simple tap


Creating Speeks

You record walkie-talkie style
while watching a video

Use sound effects to add some
silliness to your Speek


It’s like watching YouTube with your funniest friends


Check out some Speeks

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How Speeks works

Videos are streamed through the YouTube API to make sure that the owner of the video get views and ad revenue. This means that if you’re big on youtube, you benefit from having your fans create Speeks on your videos.

Use your favourite videos, trending clips
or why not the latest trailers

Multiple people can do Speeks on the
same clip, make sure to be nr 1!

Gain traction by adding your own
twist to trending videos

Everyone’s a commentator! Comment
your favourite football highlights

Translate content and make it available
to a wider audience

Get views and ad revenue when people
create Speeks with your videos


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